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Supermicro Management Plug-ins

Supermicro offers plug-ins that integrates with management consoles into a customer's existing cloud infrastructure. Take advantage of Supermicro's OEM features through a UI that you are comfortable with.

Licensing: SFT-DCMS-SINGLE required for each target node.


Supermicro Management Plug-in for Nagios provides a command line interface for remote management and monitoring of Supermicro server via Redfish. The plug-in can integrate with Nagios Core to monitor server health of the following components:

  • System health
  • Memory
  • Fan sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Voltage sensors
  • Power supply
  • Storage

It also provides the following management features:

  • Updating BIOS and BMC firmware
  • Updating BIOS configurations
  • Hardware and firmware inventory
  • Managing event subscriptions

Nagios Supermicro Redfish

Nagios Supermicro Redfish

Nagios Supermicro Redfish

VMware vCenter

The Supermicro Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter is designed to manage and monitor Supermicro servers through Redfish since V2.0.0. The plug-in is integrated with vSphere Client, offering a consistent user experience.

vSphere screenshot


  • Supports HTML5 based vSphere Client *
  • Supports BIOS and BMC firmware update via Redfish

* Since vCenter Server version 6.7.0

Microsoft SCOM

Supermicro Management Plug-in for Microsoft SCOM allows visibility to all Supermicro host systems through Redfish, monitors and manages in the centralized dashboard of Operations Manager console.


  • Centralized asset information and management
  • Supports Microsoft SCOM 2019

SCOM Screenshot

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