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Today’s IT infrastructure operations are challenged to not only operate efficiently, but also to respond rapidly to changing business requirements. SuperCloud Composer allows you to meet both challenges by creating an agile, cloud-like environment while simultaneously delivering a highly automated, software-defined composable infrastructure.

Discover your portal to tomorrow’s data center.

Meet Today’s Business Challenges with SuperCloud Composer

Supermicro zusammensetzbare Infrastruktur_nahtlos verwalten

A unified, single pane of glass, to manage your entire infrastructure seamlessly
Compatible infrastructure from Supermicro_Compatible with open standards and most third-party devices

Compatible with the latest Redfish® open standards and most 3rd party devices
Supermicro Composable Infrastructure - Lower costs for data centers

Lowered total cost of ownership of your data centers
Supermicro supercloud_Customizable, software-defined and composable infrastructure

A customizable, software-defined and composable infrastructure

Supermicro supercloud_Automated management of your IT infrastructure

Automated management of your IT infrastructure through its entire lifecycle – from cradle to grave
Supermicro supercloud_Complete monitoring of all IT systems

Complete monitoring of all IT systems with alerting, data analytics, and telemetry for state-of-the-art warnings of any data center anomalies

Your Gateway to a Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure

Respond and adapt quickly to dynamic business needs with storage, compute, and networking flexibility that accommodates ever-changing workload requirements. Leveraging composable disaggregated infrastructure technology, SuperCloud Composer makes your data center software-defined with the ability to meet and support rapidly changing workload requirements.

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Increased Data Center Operations Efficiency

Reduce manual intervention by automating device management to deploy, provision, monitor, and repurpose infrastructure assets through a single pane of glass. Consolidate servers and racks seamlessly into groups of IT assets that share common workloads and can be managed effortlessly at a single glance.

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Data-driven Control and Compliancy

Manage your entire infrastructure, including 3rd party devices, at a glance with state-of-the-art dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of your data center. SuperCloud Composer’s data-rich analytics provide you with predictive analytics and full insight in the performance of your data center with live statistics, historical information, and IT telemetry.

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Technology Partners

Integrating SuperCloud Composer with WekaIO enables unprecedented deployment possibilities, where WekaIO cluster members can be deployed across multiple systems simultaneously. Data center operators achieve clear vision of their WekaIO performance metrics through SuperCloud Composer's customizable dashboard. Administrators can also enforce a configurable Event Management Systems, with the flexibility to create rule-based alerts for their WekaIO cluster.

SuperCloud Composer Architectural Framework – Technical White Paper

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